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Leader Assessment

Dr. Rainer Wilkenig

+ 41 815 880 384

Dr. Rainer Wilkening is a university-trained psychologist and psychotherapist with an additional qualification in behavioral therapy. He has relevant professional experience in the treatment of mental illness at the Psychiatric University Clinic Freiburg i. Brsg. and was active for many years as a senior psychologist at the former altitude Clinic Valbella Davos / Switzerland.

Since 2007, Rainer Wilkening has been working as a freelance psychologist, coach and cognitive behavioral therapist with his own practice in Davos. In addition to his psychotherapeutic work, Rainer Wilkening offers further education courses, lectures and workshops on a wide range of psychological topics for various schools and organizations in adult education.

In his work with associations and the industry, Rainer Wilkening has built up a further pillar in the field of assessment and heads Genius Search's area of aptitude diagnostics and the implementation of assessments.

As a passionate athlete, Rainer Wilkening coaches and advises some professional athletes. With psychological procedures he gives the athletes assistance to retrieve their performance at the right moment and ideally to optimize.

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